Free Tires for Life of Lease

Free Tires for Life of Lease
      The TIRES FOR THE LIFE OF LEASE PROGRAM (TLLP) is designed to provide the Owner-Operator an opportunity to assist Booker Transportation and receive a substantial reward for the effort. The focus of the program is to act as a retention incentive as well as a recruiting promotion.

      An Owner-Operator who refers another Owner-Operator who leases to Booker Trans will make you and the operator you referred eligible for the TLLP. Three (3) months following the lease date of the referred operator, both you and the referred operator will be eligible for the TLLP.

      Once qualified for the TLLP, you and the referred operator can receive a new set of tires every 12 months, as long as both you and the referred operator are still leased to Booker. The date of the tire invoice will be considered the anniversary date for continued participation in the program for subsequent years.
All tires will be purchased from a tire company designated by Booker. A set of tires will be defined as 2-steering tires and 8-drive tires. Any installation, mounting, balancing, alignment, and taxes will be the responsibility of the operator receiving the tires.

      Should an operator refer more than one operator who leases to Booker, he/she will receive only one (1) set of tires per year. However, should the referred operator cancel his/her lease, the referring operator can then fall-back on his/her additional referral(s).  

Criteria for the performance evaluation are:
  •Operator must average $3,000 or more gross revenue per week for the previous 90 days;
  •Operator must not be indebted to Booker for more than one week’s fuel and cash advances;
  •Operator must not have a preventable accident during the first 90 days;
  •Operator must be current on logs;
  •Operator cannot have any cell phone write-ups in the 90 days and,
  •Operator must not have any customer service write-ups in the 90 days.

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